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ATD Fourth World in Poland creates opportunities for people living in poverty to meet representatives of other social groups and work out together political, social and economic solutions that will lead to the improvement of life for people living in poverty.

ATD Poland  runs a number of ongoing projects:

  • The Our Voices project recognizes the knowledge and value of marginalized people, and enables them to be involved in policy decision making. Our Voices uses the Merging of Knowledge approach that allows a diverse group to benefit from three types of knowledge: the knowledge of people who experience poverty, academic knowledge, and the knowledge of practitioners assisting people in difficult situations. In the Merging of Knowledge approach, people with a range of persepctives talk together about their different kinds of knowledge and develop social policy recommendations informed by these diverse experiences.
  • Youth actions bring together young people from very different social backgrounds to learn from each other, share experiences, and create initiatives such as workshops, international exchanges, debates, and seminars.
  • The Tapori initiative brings children together to discuss important issues. Through the Tapori children’s newsletter, they share experiences with one another, learning  about different cultures and the lives of their peers around the world.
  • Street Library offers a peaceful space where books and art serve to empower children and to encourage long-lasting relationships with community members in order to overcome poverty.
  • Commemoration of October 17, International Day for Overcoming Poverty. A variety of events take place each year.
  • Wresinski Workshops are regular discussions inspired by the thinking and writing of Joseph Wresinski, founder of ATD Fourth World. These workshops bring together students, academics, and members of ATD Fourth World to share diverse points of view and discuss issues related to social politics.






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